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Self-portrait of Kari in the mirror of a museum exhibit

Arts Management

A theatre major as an undergraduate, I’ve been fortunate to work for various arts organizations, including Shakespeare & Company, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), and Great Barrington Public Theater. Through these organizations, I’ve developed a familiarity with fundraising and grantwriting, concerts and music festivals, data management, and front-of-house operations.


As a child of working-class parents, I’ve always been interested in promoting inclusivity and my involvement in these organizations has only strengthened my desire to promote the arts to marginalized individuals. This cannot be accomplished merely by throwing money at the problem -- not just by offering free or cheap tickets/admission -- but begins with investing communities with a sense of ownership over their local arts institutions. I suggest one way we might begin to do this in a short video:

I also bring this idea into my teaching, as you can see from an assignment I’ve designed for a professional writing course in arts management here.

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